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Payne Heating & Cooling began in 1914 when D.W. Payne and his son began building gravity-type furnaces in a converted barn in Los Angeles. A short time later, the company offered the first floor furnace that could be installed in a home’s conventional crawl space area. In 1933, Payne introduced the first forced-air, down-discharge furnace. The company also was the first to market a forced-air furnace approved for closet installation. In 1945, Dresser Industries acquired Payne and Day & Night. Four years later, Payne, Day & Night, & Bryant bought themselves out of Dresser and formed Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc. (AGE).

In 1950, Payne pioneered perimeter and zone heating. During the 1950’s the company also expanded its product offering with the addition of a remote air conditioning product line. Five years later, Carrier Corporation purchased AGE (Bryant, Day & Night, and Payne) and Payne moved its management and administrative activities to Indianapolis. In 1962, Payne unveiled the first horizontal forced-air furnace approved for outdoor installation as well as vertical combination heating and cooling units for school rooms, apartments, and other applications.

Carrier Corporation formed the BDP Company in 1974, where Payne became the “P” in BDP. During the 1980’s, Payne improved its product efficiencies and began to expand into the Midwest and Northeast. This expansion continued into the 1990’s when Payne expanded into the southeast states, such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana.

After 22 years as BDP Company, Payne separated from the company to form Payne Heating & Cooling. In 1997, Payne completed its national expansion and changed its positioning to be the right products distributed at the right place, sold at the right price, and available right now.

Today, Payne maintains a simple line of highly efficient and dependable products such as air conditioners, gas furnaces, heat pumps, indoor coils, thermostats, and small packaged products. Homeowners who want dependable heating and cooling systems at a reasonable price turn to Payne.